Welcome to YES Prep Hobby Elementary!  

Our mission is to empower all SPARKS to achieve academic and social excellence by providing students with the tools and resources to be successful during grade school and beyond.  

I am committed to this mission by partnering with you and our school community members to ensure our students have a solid foundation. I am responsible for leading a staff committed to teaching our children and positively impacting their lives. We will strive to teach and provide students with the skills, knowledge, and mindset to be assets to our community. We will encourage problem-solving, curiosity, and a life-long love for learning. We will model a growth mindset and GRIT, so all students learn to face challenges with confidence and perseverance. Upon entering our doors, every child will feel valued and cared for.  

I look forward to an exciting school year. Go SPARKS! 

If you have questions about the school or your student’s experience, please contact me. Thank you for visiting our school website! 

Your Founding Principal, 

Ah-Tavia Maxey

Founding Principal

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